Film Devour Short Film Festival Showcase

Film Devour Short Film Festival Showcase

A showcase of Horror and Sci-Fi shorts that have been screened at the Film Devour Short Film Festival over the years.

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Film Devour Short Film Festival Showcase
  • Missing Time

    A woman undergoes hypnosis to understand her close encounter with a UFO and possible abduction.

  • Photobomb

    A contained thriller with a 21st-century twist. A young woman returns home from a night out and quickly discovers she is not alone.

  • Love Bite

    A man tries to capture the promiscuous activities of his best friend's girlfriend - but when the camera starts to roll, the night takes a dark turn.

  • The Little Witch

    It is an adaptation of a brilliant story that I first heard when I was about eight years old and it scared the life out of me then. I like to think it's based loosely on the legends of the Witches of Islandmagee in County Antrim, Northern Ireland (where it was filmed).

    The last Witches in Irelan...

  • Desecration

    On a dark remote road, a car is stopped at a military checkpoint. Something isn't right and the Soldiers find themselves in a situation they could never understand with deadly consequences.

  • Lady Death

    Lady Death would like a companion, just like everyone else. However, striking fear into the hearts of everyone she meets, this has proven to be a challenge. It is only when she is greeted by a mysterious visitor, does she get the opportunity to prove she is more than something to be feared.

  • Lurker

    A girl walks through the streets alone at night when she gets the unsettling feeling someone is watching her.

  • Tap Tap

    Mysterious knocking awakes a sleeping man one night, prompting him to rise and seek out the source. But is the sound an intruder, someone in need...or something else?

  • Thief

    A short tale of a blanket thief.