2020 Festival Panels

2020 Festival Panels

Online Panels, discussions and interviews from the Dark Hedges International Film Festival.

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2020 Festival Panels
  • Bad Candy Q&A

    BanterFlix's Jim McClean chats with Scot Hansen and Desiree Connell about their film Bad Candy, which opened this year's Dark Hedges International Film Festival.

    The film is available to watch online on our digital player throughout the festival's duration.

  • The Revenants Panel

    BanterFlix's Darren Vincent chats with Aaron Flanagan about The Revenants: Zombies on Train, which has recently been released by the Comic Book Guys and is available in comic Book shops just in time for Halloween.

  • Trumpism and Horror

    BanterFlix's Colette Fahy chats with Giuliana Monteverde and Doctor Victoria McCollum, who both co-edited the book Resist!: Protest Media and Popular Culture in the Brexit-Trump Era, as they chatted about how the Horror genre reacted to the election of Donald Trump as President of the United Stat...

  • Irish Lores and Legends: Thordang (Work in Progress Showcase)

    BanterFlix's Jim McClean chats with director Aaron McKee and some of the crew from the locally made documentary Irish Lores and Legends: Thordang.

  • Chad Ferrin Interview

    Jim chats with director Chad Ferrin about his film The Deep Ones, which is now available on our festival's digital player for a limited period.

    Inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, whose work has been hugely influential in both literary and cinematic horror, The Deep Ones sees a couple rec...

  • In Search of Darkness (David Weiner)

    BanterFlix's Jim McClean chats with journalist and filmmaker David Weiner about his documentaries In Search of Darkness and In Search of Darkness Part 2

  • Ghostwatch Panel

    Jim chats with director Lesley Manning about Ghostwatch! The broadcast on Halloween night that traumatized a nation back in 1992

  • NI Paranormal Investigator Panel

    BanterFlix's Darren Vincent chats with Mark Young (Parascience) and Warren Coates (The Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association) and Erin Harbinson (Independent Investigator) about paranormal investigations in Northern Ireland.

  • Cinepunked: The Horror of Isolation

    Film Historian Robert J E Simpson chairs a Cinepunked panel on the horror of isolation with guests Keri O'Shea and David L Rattigan.

  • Hostage to The Devil

    Filmmaker Marty Stalker hosts a special edition of the Hostage to the Devil podcast for the Dark Hedges International Film Festival as he catches up with Jimmy Petonito and Laurene Gomez who both featured in the Netflix documentary.

  • The NIIHR Psychoanalytic Film Club Panel

    Jim is joined by Mary Cairns, Doctor Eve Watson and Doctor Jennifer Murphy as the chat about Duncan Jones' Moon, a film picked for analysis by the Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations' Psychoanalytic Film Club.

  • Xia Magnus Interview

    Jim speaks with director Xia Magnus about his film Sanzaru which is screening at our festival.

  • Martín Kraut Interview

    Jim chats with filmmaker Martín Kraut which receives its UK premiere at our festival.

  • Crime Scene to Screen: Its a Scream Baby

    Wanna know about the stories of the real-life serial killers that inspired Wes Craven's Scream?

    Then stick around for our last panel of the night as Joe and Thérèse host a special episode of Crime Scene to Screen.

  • Caroline Comms: The State of Trek

    USS Caroline hosts a special episode of their podcast Caroline Comms as Ian, Neil and Andy chat generally about the state of the Star Trek franchise!

  • The Vectorman Podcast: Digital Tales From the CampFire

    Lee Brady hosts a special Halloween themed episode of the Vectormen podcast as he gathers a group of special guests round the digital campfire to exchange stories about the Video games that have terrified them.

  • The Emerald Ghostbusters: Who You Gonna Call?

    Members of the Emerald Ghostbusters gather together for an online panel for the Dark Hedges International Film Festival to share their love for New York's finest Paranormal Investigators.

  • Into Film NI: Introducing Younger Viewers to Horror

    Into Film NI host a panel for the Dark Hedges International Film Festival as they discuss ways to introduce Horror to younger viewers.

    This panel is hosted by Sean Kelly (Into Film NI) and features Nichola Clarke (Into Film NI), Sara Gunn-Smith (Film Hub NI) and local blogger Neil Sedgewick.

  • Women Make Horror Panel

    BanterFlix’s Victoria Brown hosts a special panel for the Dark Hedges International Film Festival about women and the horror genre.

    This panel includes filmmakers Aislinn Clarke, Vanessa Ionta Wright and Luana Di Pasquale

  • Aislinn Clarke Interview

    BanterFlix's Joe Mc Elroy chats with Irish filmmaker Aislinn Clarke about her career so far

  • Terrifying Reads: The Books That Scared Us!

    BanterFlix's Victoria Brown hosts a special panel for the Dark Hedges International Film Festival that showcases some of the books that simply terrified us.

    Victoria is joined by BanterFlix's very own Joe Mc Elroy and Claire McCullough from Ormeau Community Cinema.

  • Scoring Horror: Christopher Young

    Film Critic Tim Burden chats with legendary film composer Christopher Young about his impressive back-catalogue of work on so many iconic film scores.